About Us

We started our cleaning business ten years ago in Porter, Texas. Our primary target is to achieve customer satisfaction through our dedication and hard work.

Professional Cleaning Services In Porter, TX

We are committed to serving you with our top-rated quality service each time, along with our committed and dedicated teamwork, management and modern cleaning types of equipment and techniques. To ensure you with the best reliable services that you are looking for.

Consider Us Your Cleaning Experts

Our constant hard work, efficiency and dedication made us pretty renowned due to the struggle we did through our initial years of services. Porter Cleaning Service has experienced and successfully created a stable and steady Cleaning business expansion to a professional stage.

This fantastic and healthy experience enabled us to offer various Professional Cleaning Services for Domestic, Offices or Commercial Areas. Along with Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, tile Cleaning, Air duct and pressure Cleaning as well.

About Us

We have a wide range of regular deep cleaning services that may suit your needs.

The dedication and efforts expand our company beyond our initial expectations. It was an honour and a pleasure to provide cleaning services to thousands of clients in and around Porter Tx.

Within this highly demanding Cleaning Service industry, we have always been consistent with a few criteria, experience, good quality, trust, reliability and flexibility. Sticking to our basic friendly and humble principals has helped us grow.

Not to forget there were many cleaning service providers and businesses that were “There today, and gone tomorrow,” we always had the vision to incorporate and consistent bond to our services, along with building reliable and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

At Porter Carpet Cleaning we provide various Cleaning Service for you let’s have a brief introduction of all the services that we provide you –

a) Carpet Cleaning – A well-known service, with higher requirements each day. We are experts in deep stainless Cleaning, with perfect finishing and delivery as well. Our carpet cleaning service not only provides you with scrubbing and Cleaning but suitable quality detergents along with modern methods and equipment to maintain the color of your carpet.

b) Tile Cleaning – Tiles grouts and more prone to dirt and debris, attracting more germs and microbes. A long term uncleaned tile surface or grout corners end up inviting the growth of moulds and mildews. Our surface is highly used and gets significant traffic from your family members, guests, or staff, making it more vital to be cleaned for your safety. A clean tile not only maintains a professional appearance but also promotes good health.

c) Upholstery Cleaning – Upholstery is the most used furniture in your residential space. Upholstery Cleaning can be challenging if not done with proper technician and techniques. The upholstery fabric needs proper deep Vacuum Cleaning and other methods as well. There are special tools used to remove dried stains from the upholstery fabric for complete cleaning.

d) Air Duct Cleaning – Air duct cleaning is done to avoid and prevent dust and debris from the home environment. Air duct goes through several methods to have a complete cleaning by removing the assembled parts and then individually cleaning the very corner of the ducts and tubes to loosen the dust particles. Air duct cleaning is a vital process to minimize the spread of dust.

e) Pressure Washing – This noticeable washing technique is utilized to clean up the surfaces, walls and others. Interior and exterior portion of a structure or a building. Pressure washing is done with a help of a pressure gun which forces out water at an increasing rate. These tubes can only be controlled by the experts who are well experienced in handling the washer. This uses a high water pressure or force to spray the water directly on the particular surface. To remove loose paints, dirt’s, molds, mildews, grimes, dust, mud particles, or chewing gum from surfaces. Buildings, moving vehicles and other concrete surfaces are cleaned using this process.

Our technicians are well-versed with all the above mentioned processes. With quality service, products, techniques, correct tools and machines have helped us achieve references and customer satisfaction. Call us to know more about our business.

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